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SVO: MM&FF- the Tiny Avenger #3 issue

The !@$#&%&* cat knocked it in the toilet last night!  It's ruined, now,
how do I get anudder?

Anybody else, notice that the drop in boost attributed to a supposed flow
restriction in the TC intercooler, was not attributed to the stock throttle
body, yet the *absence* of a loss of boost, *was* attributed to the Vortech
aftercooler, even though they installed a massive throttle bady at the same

Geez, that's scientific :^

And they shoudla used a ported head, not an Extrude Honed one.  And they
were STILL using the tiny old-style exhaust manifold.

AND, they put a Boost a Pump on it, instead of just wiring the 190 !!! pump
directly, bypassing the resistance wire (in the negative lead) and relay
under the hood (in the positive lead).

But, in all fairness, they did prove that a $1000 turbo made power at 30
PSI !!!

For those who are all pumped up over this article, remember that you would
pulling over for ice water, more often than gas. :)  

I'm not trying to take away from their accomplishments, I just question
their methods and some of their decisions.  I wish more of the "experts"
from the Internet community had been involved.

For those thinking about strokers, SVO blocks, Carillo rods, Wiseco/TRW
pistons, Sealed power rings, etc., this whole process, with over 250 dyno
runs, was run on a tired, old, stock, short block.  And they didn't have
the big valve head either.  Nuff said.

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