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SVO: RE: 16 valve head

Dean Rich Wrote...

One the other hand Esslinger does make an all aluminium 8 valve head, I'm
not sure if this is a cast piece or billit machined jewel. Has anyone on
this list tried to run one these???

The Esslinger head is a cast piece. The quality of it is very good. When 
designed, the intake ports were moved to facilitate better flow. Hence a new 
intake manifold must be run to be compatible with the re-designed port 
location. As I recall, the intake port for #1 cyl. cut into he space needed 
for the distributor, so a crank-fire ignition must be used. I've only seen one 
example of these heads, and that was on a drag car. It costs a pretty penny, 
but if you have money to burn, I'm sure the weight an performance are worth