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Re: SVO: Axle Spline

You're gonna make me go crawl under the car aren't you?

I crawled under the car...

ABS was available in California on selected 85 Continentals, and standard
across the board in 86 on Continentals. I don't know when it appeared on
the Marks. Maybe Lee can fill this in? The ABS cars have vacuum operated
brake boosters instead of the hydro boost system also.

The difference in the axles is an ABS ring around the shaft just behind the
flange.  The calipers didn't change.  The Splash shield did change with the
addition of a hole to allow the sensor wire to run thru it
I think the bracket changed to hold the ABS sensor.

But, materially, I don't think any of this changed in a way that would make
any of the parts, not retrofittable.  So, scrounge all the parts around the
part in question to be safe.

I don't have the part number resources that you do, Jim.  I just scrounge
the junkyards, and put the parts on. :)

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> From: Jim Dvorak <jdvorak@deltanet.com>
> To: DCompton@JNPCS.COM; Multiple recipients of list SVO
> Subject: Re: SVO:  Axle Spline
> Date: Sunday, November 09, 1997 8:49 AM
> At 08:17 PM 11/8/97 -0500, Dave Compton wrote:
> >Correction, they are the same as 82-87 Continentals, and 84-93 Mark
> >Have owned both.
> >
> >Dave
> Dave, 
> Maybe you can answer this then...you may have seen in my reply to this
> dated Thu, 06 Nov 1997 13:54:59, I specified the following (I believe I
> right and left reversed):
> 	Shaft, Axle: 
> 	Left -- E25Y-4234-A
> 	Right -- E25Y-4234-B
> 	(same as 82-84 Continental; 84-92 Mark VII without ABS)
> I listed these because they are the same Ford part number as the SVO. The
> Ford part numbers for the ABS-equipped cars are different. This is why my
> list only includes Continentals in 1982-84 (ABS was standard in 1985 on)
> and Mark VIIs without ABS (it was optional, but I would bet most had it
> a good dealer markup item). 
> My theory has been that the ABS equipped cars might work, but I don't
> anybody who has actually used the ABS axle shafts or other related parts
> the non-ABS SVO. 
> Here's the more expanded list of critical rear parts I have come up with
> that are the same as parts on the SVO -- do you any experience with any
> these parts on the ABS-equipped cars that would suggest I should modify
> this list?
> Rotor, Right: E8LY-2C026A (same as 82-87 Continental; 84-90 Mark VII)
> Rotor, Left: E8LY-2C027A (same as 82-87 Continental; 84-90 Mark VII)
> Splash Shield, Right: E25Y-2C028A (same as 82-84 Continental; 84 Mark
> Splash Shield, Left: E25Y-2C028B (same as 82-84 Continental; 84 Mark VII)
> Caliper, Right: E4LY-2552A (same as 82-87 Continental; 84-90 Mark VII)
> Caliper, Left: E4LY-2553A (same as 82-87 Continental; 84-90 Mark VII)
> Shaft, Axle, Right: E25Y-4234A (same as 82-84 Continental; 84-92 Mark VII
> w/o ABS)
> Shaft, Axle, Left: E25Y-4234B (same as 82-84 Continental; 84-92 Mark VII
> w/o ABS)
> Any usefull additions?
> I know there's a few guys who are getting spare parts out of wrecking
> (as I do on occassion) and this would certainly broaden the list of
> potential donors.
> Thanks!