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SVO: New to the list

  Been wanting an SVO since they came out and something always got in
the way. Maybe i'm not destined to own one.<fr> If anyone knows of any
for sale let me know.

  Reading the list I started thinking about an outfit, Polymotor, that
was working with Ford to develope a partially composit <plastic> motor.
They used the dimensions of a 2.3L to save tooling costs on cranks &
cams. All the combustion surfaces were metal. It weighed 150lbs I
believe and developed 300 HP on FI reving to 14krpm in the article. They
were affraid to rev it any higher at the time. I believe it had 16V.

  I know they had a patent on composite con rods and sold pushrods to
racers. I think the plastic motor was in the vein of the plastic GTP car
and research to save weight. Wondering since they were working on a 2.3L
if they ever made anything for the motor ???

Phila, Pa.