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Re: SVO: caliper question

At 01:07 PM 11/9/97 -0500, FFASTSVO@aol.com wrote:
>  What is the size of the allen screw that holds the rear caliper in place?
> ( the two on back- towards the pumpkin )  Thanks.


You mean the locating pins. I'm not sure what tool I used when I did my
brakes last. The only thing I can tell you is i's bigger than 1/4 and
smaller than 5/16" -- but a T-45 Torx bit I have fits -- unorthodox, but
it's possible that's what I used. You could match-up a T-45 to an allen to
get the right size, or just do what I guess I did.

As I'm looking in the shop manual I'm noticing there's all kinds of good
information on lubricants and threadlocks to use in this project -- 

Silicone Dielectric Compound or equivalent silicone grease on the pins and
insulators (I believe a dab comes with new insulators you should get from
Ford or somewhere) D7AZ-19A331-A or equivalent. 

Threadlock and Sealer E0AC-19554-A or equivalent -- a drop on each of the
locating pins. Torque to 29-37 lb-ft.

For the anchor plate sliding ways, Disc Brake Caliper Slide Grease

I like to cruise small auto parts stores for little goodies. There's a
cheaper alternative to the Dielectric Compound -- quality-wise I don't know
-- but I just couldn't choke the price Ford wants for a service
technician's-size tube. I found some called "electrical connection
lubricant" in a blue blister-pak -- it came with two little packets -- but
I don't know what brand it actually is as I threw the packaging away -- or
worse -- it's packed somewhere for posterity and ten years from now I'll
find it and finally throw it out.

The Threadlock may be the red Loctite 242 -- double-check the Loctite
packages for correct application, I believe they reference Ford part numbers.

By the time you get all the oddball lubricants and such, it seems it
adds-up to more than the actual parts you're in there to replace!

If you don't have the shop manuals -- get a good Chilton #8580 -- this big
book is pretty complete, and has a lot of the same diagrams (exactly) as
the Helms. Many other books don't even mention the SVO had rear disc
brakes, let alone describe how to repair them.

Give me a holler if you need something else -- I can fax you the pages from
the manual if you need it.

P.S. I guess you're not the only SVO'er missing the Borrego Springs run
with the Merkurs this morning!?!

Jim Dvorak
'86 Shadow Blue -- 1 of 69 -- Slightly Modified
Mustang SVO...Because there's more to driving than just straight ahead!
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