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RE: SVO: caliper question

Uh, not sure on this but it's some place to start.... It's the size
Allen that I don't have in a right angle wrench. I have to use my socket
allens which are a pain to fit in there w/o removing the shock. I think
it's a 7mm allen.


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> At 01:07 PM 11/9/97 -0500, FFASTSVO@aol.com wrote:
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> >  What is the size of the allen screw that holds the rear caliper in
> place?
> > ( the two on back- towards the pumpkin )  Thanks.
> >
> >-Eric
> >
> >
> Eric,
> You mean the locating pins. I'm not sure what tool I used when I did
> my
> brakes last. The only thing I can tell you is i's bigger than 1/4 and
> smaller than 5/16" -- but a T-45 Torx bit I have fits -- unorthodox,
> but
> it's possible that's what I used. You could match-up a T-45 to an
> allen to
> get the right size, or just do what I guess I did.