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SVO: 85 Turbo coupes for parts

A friend and I today struck a deal and are aquiring 2 85 thunderbird Turbo
coupes for parts(actually one is too nice to part out so we may just sell the
whole car) The other car is excellent mechanically but has been hit in the
rear. If anyone out there in Turbo land is in need of anything from these
cars, Drop me a line and I will let you know Condition Etc. We will be
picking up the cars in 2 weeks(gotta find someplace to put them) But we
looked over them and know what we have. The car that is nice is a red on red
Turbo coupe, We will fix the minor things it needs unless you want it as is.
Price on the whole red one is $650 as it is now. Will figure price later
depending on what it cost us to fix whatever it needs(sorry to be vague but
we have to get it first, then analize and drive it). Location is Maryland.
Reason behind purchase: we are building an 83 Mustang Convertible and its
going to be 2.3 turbo powered.

Thanks list,
Red 86