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Driving Lights? -- Was: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #06

At 08:44 PM 11/9/97 -0000, RONCLANCY wrote:
>hi, how do I get a correct wiring diagram for my 1985 svo, can't seem to
>make my driving lights work. sounds simple but having a hard time tracing
>the wires.

Fog lights? Headlights? or Running Lights?

You would need to order from Helm the appropriate diagram set (which is
hard to read) or manual volume -- the most straight-forward is the
Electrical & Vacuum Trouble-shooting Manual. There may be an
over-the-counter book that has the fog light wiring but I haven't seen it
-- usually they cover the engine only if that.

I could dig up either an '84 or '86 diagram to show the wiring you need...
contact me off list with more details so I can get one to you via fax or mail.

Jim Dvorak
'86 Shadow Blue -- 1 of 69 -- Slightly Modified
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