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Re: SVO: 2.3L parts

> I noticed in the latest issue of MM&FF with the Tiny Avenger series
> finally. There is a parts supplier called:
> Racer Walsh  CO.Ford 4 - V6 - V8
> 2300 - 302 - 351 - 460
> 1849 Foster Dr.
> Jacksonville, Florida 32216
> Telephone # 904-721-2289
> Fax #                904-721-2935

I have their catalog.  Its not bad.  They have a lot of Ford Motorsport
parts.  Granted its not a big hurking catalog like some of the other
companies but they have a lot of cool products.  When I asked for their
catalog I got it about a week later!!  That is great considering some of
the other companies I requested a catalog from and it still hasn't gotten
here (going on ~3 weeks now).  I plan on ordering some parts from them in
the future.