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SVO: Possible Clogged Exhaust?

Hey Ford Fans!

     I was talking to my neighbor (who happens to have been a Ford 
mechanic in the mid to late eighties) about my 86 SVO's bogging problem. 
 My car runs fine, but when I am accellerating, it really seems to lose 
power about 2500-3000 rpm.  I've also noticed that I do get plenty of 
boost, but I can't "feel" any of that boosts power (ie, driving down the 
freeway, I go to pass a car.  I downshift to 4th, give it some gas, 
boost comes up to about 9psi, yet there is no real "oomph" in the car).  
I told him that some of the list members mentioned it could be the TFI 
or the PIP.  He said that usually--if its one of those things--the car 
will either run like garbage all the time, or not even run at all.  He 
said it may be that my exhaust is clogged.  I'm no mechanic, but that 
possibility actually made sense.  The more I thought about it, the more 
I thought that may be my problem.  So now I have two questions for all 
you gurus--
    1) How can I determine if its the exhaust?
    2) Do any of you agree with this diagnosis?
    You guys have helped me a lot in the past (and saved me a lot of 
money to boot!)--I'm hoping you can help again!
    Thanks for any help!
      86 SVO (100% stock)