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Re: SVO: 2.3L parts

At 09:15 AM 11/10/97 -0500, Sly, Dennis wrote:
>I noticed in the latest issue of MM&FF with the Tiny Avenger series
>finally. There is a parts supplier called:
>Racer Walsh  CO.Ford 4 - V6 - V8
>2300 - 302 - 351 - 460
>1849 Foster Dr.
>Jacksonville, Florida 32216
>Telephone # 904-721-2289
>Fax #                904-721-2935
>The ad is on page 238 on the top left.
>84 SVO, Silver


For those of us who grew up driving 4-banger Fords (and are over 30 years
old), we know that Racer Walsh has been around for eons -- I've got
catalogs from them that must be 20 years old, and they originally did
strictly 1.6L, 2.0L (early Pinto and German Capri) and now 2.3L (self
expanatory) and V6 and I believe V8 stuff. I haven't bought anything from
them in years (if ever) but my impression is that they're a solid and fair
company. Again, they've been in business some 20 years+.