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Re: SVO: RE: Re: Related Driving light question

At 11:15 AM 11/10/97 -0500, Garcia, Jesus V wrote:
>My 84 does not have this "special"  feature.  I don't believe that any
>SVO had this, but I do know that when the regular mustangs got the aero
>lights ('87??), this was standard.  


Sorry, I haven't had my coffee yet and I confused you. 

1984s only had the outside lights blink -- they did not have the inside
lights blink.

Again, 1985s I'm not sure about.

1985.5 & 1986 models had all four lights blink.

And yes, you're correct I believe -- when 1987 rolled-around with the aero
headlights they followed-suit with the SVOs and had all four blink.

Jim Dvorak
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