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SVO: Rebuild Kit

Hey Guys,

I'm hoping you can help me with something - my hubby decided to do 
some kind of "tweaking" (not sure exactly what) to where he by-passed 
something to make the wastegate stay closed to get more boost. Well, 
it worked and it pegged 20 PSI (which is the good news) but blew the 
turbo seals (which is the bad news). Any ideas on where we can get 
those from? There's a place here in Houston that will re-do the whole 
thing for $300+, but we'd rather do the work ourselves and save some 

Any ideas?? It's smoking pretty bad now and we'd like to get it fixed 
- we were planning on taking it to the ¼ mile track to blow away some 
5.0's and want to get it done by this weekend if we can...

Michelle Buzek
85 SVO (slightly crippled) :-(