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Re: SVO: Possible Clogged Exhaust?


   I appreciate you responding so quickly!  Thanks!  Do you know where I 
can get a 3" downpipe for cheap?  I've seen them for about $130 bucks, 
but isn't it just a piece of bent 3" pipe?  Can a muffler shop make one 
for cheap?  I had the dual exhuast for my 65 Stang done for less than 
$130--and its completely custom.  Help?!
   Thanks again for your words of wisdom
   ps.  How do you like the Contour SVT?!
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> Kenny,
> When I pulled off my stock downpipe, there were chunks of the cat 
> falling out in the ground, the car only has 80k on it so I was 
> suprised to see that most of the cat material was broken and turned 
> sideways in the cat.  I put a 3" downpipe on the car and there was a 
> noticeable performance increase with the boost.
> If the cat is breaking apart, then the material could be sliding back 
> to the mufflers and causing the problem.
> You can unbolt the exhaust from the turbo and safely run without the 
> exhaust, but it is REALLY loud.  This would at least tell you when 
> you hit the boost if the exhaust is the problem.
> > 1) How can I determine if its the exhaust?
> >    
> > 2) Do any of you agree with this diagnosis?
> >     
> Chris Roth
> 98 Black Contour SVT
> 85 Bright Red SVO
> 86 Silver Metallic SVO
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