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	I meant to tell you, three of us did the karts over
lunch hour last Thursday when the weather was nice.  We had
a good time, and the guys are all psyched to buy karts.  We'll
see if they're serious or not ;-).  They need practice bad,
though.  I could have lapped them both in 10 laps, but I
slowed down and let them catch back up.  We're looking around
a little for used ones.  I concluded that I'd like to try
125 shifters someday, but I'm not ready to come up with that
kind of money right now, and the briggs class is the only
other class that runs in the area.  Elsewhere in the nation
the Yamaha KT100 2 strokes are really popular, though.  Anyway,
we're looking in the $1000 price range for decent used ones,
I've found one guy in Glenwood Springs that's a possibility for
one.  Most people either want too much for them, or they're
trashed...but it appears there might be some decent deals over
the winter if we shop around...