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Re: SVO: RE: Re: Related Driving light question

At 10:19 AM 11/10/97 +0000, Chris Roth wrote:
>Wrong, I owned a 89 5.0 (and have worked on several) and only the 
>inside marker flashed.  

Thanks for the clarification -- I wouldn't own one of those pieces of V8
metal anyway.

>My 85 SVO uses the outside marker to blink 
>and my 86 SVO uses the inside.  I have noticed the the outside 
>markers are very bright, but I think the guy before me installed the 
>wrong bulbs.

You would probably be correct -- or the one of the dual filaments wore out.

My 1986 SVO, from the time I picked-it up at the dealer in Sept. 1986 had
both lights flash. 

Unfortunately, you guys that bought your SVOs used have the idiosyncrasies
(and customizations) instilled upon them by the previous owners.

>>... but I do know that when the regular mustangs got the aero
>> lights ('87??), this was standard.  
>Chris Roth
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>85 Bright Red SVO
>86 Silver Metallic SVO

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