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Re: SVO: MM&FF- the Tiny Avenger #3 issue

On Sun, 9 Nov 1997, Dave Compton wrote:

> The !@$#&%&* cat knocked it in the toilet last night!  It's ruined, now,
> how do I get anudder?
I jus got mine from the grocery store saturday...guess its the final T&A

> Anybody else, notice that the drop in boost attributed to a supposed flow
> restriction in the TC intercooler, was not attributed to the stock throttle
> body, yet the *absence* of a loss of boost, *was* attributed to the Vortech
> aftercooler, even though they installed a massive throttle bady at the same
> time?

Yep, but who knows, if the owner of T&A motorsports comes across a heap of
TurboCoupe intercoolers to sell, maybe there will be a SVO vs TC vs
Vortech cooler test, in which the TC part will perform the same.

> Geez, that's scientific :^
No, thats MM&FF.....

> And they shoudla used a ported head, not an Extrude Honed one.  And they
> were STILL using the tiny old-style exhaust manifold.
Umm, U mite want to look again.  I dont know what they were using on the
stock turbo, but on page 122 with the T4 they clearly have the later
manifold.  No pipe plug between the 1 and 2 runner.

> AND, they put a Boost a Pump on it, instead of just wiring the 190 !!! pump
> directly, bypassing the resistance wire (in the negative lead) and relay
> under the hood (in the positive lead).
That wouldn't sell Boost a Pumps though, no would it?

> But, in all fairness, they did prove that a $1000 turbo made power at 30
> PSI !!!
Being as an H trim(biggest B frame T4 Turbonetics makes) will probably
surge like crazy on a 2.3, why did in the hell did they go to a E frame??
they had 3 turbos in the write up.  Stock, then they skip the GN
compressor and mention the S trim, then they skip the V and H trim(among
the other trims that Turbonetcis does not sell), and jump right into the E

Speakin of which, you were gettin one of those 300 dollar S trims from
Performance Techniques werent u dave?  How'd it go?

> For those who are all pumped up over this article, remember that you would
> pulling over for ice water, more often than gas. :)  
> I'm not trying to take away from their accomplishments, I just question
> their methods and some of their decisions.  I wish more of the "experts"
> from the Internet community had been involved.

Im gonna do a step by step, and I mean STEP BY STEP mod/test process on my
Merkur.  One part at a time.  The biggest drag is I am not funded by a mag
or sponsors, or even a job, so the process will be a long one.  But I am
starting simple. Tomorrow the car gos to the track stone stock(minus cat
and egr pipe) for a baseline.  The cat and EGR were off the car when I got
it, and Im not puttin one on.  then I will put on a late model exhaust
manifold, run it, then a K&N Cone, run it, and maybe do a ported vs stock
exhaust manifold test too.
thats what I expect to accomplish by new years at the latest..


-71 Pinto, stock 2.3 turbo, 13.67@98, radials
	Big intercooler ON!
	T4 Compressor soon to be on!
-85.5 Escort, SOLD! 
-85 Merkur, let the modding begin!