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CDR/Colorado region SCCA Winter schedule

Just wanted to follow up on the cancelled Pueblo road course event. Obviously,
cancelling it was a good thing. We probably won't reschedule it until Spring,
mostly because we just released our Winter Autocross and Solo Trails schedule,
included below.

Just a note, Trials is a bit more expensive then SoloII, entry fee is usually
$35, plus you must join SCCA (+$55), and you must purchase a Solo Trials novice
license (+$15). But, you do get to run the 2.6 mile road course at Stapleton
for this, and trust me, its worth it.

Please forward this to anyone who might be interested.

Gary Morrell

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Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 22:57:16 -0700
To: rmsolo-announce@privateI.com
From: Iain Mannix <mannix@privateI.com>
Subject: Winter Series Schedule!

Hi everyone!  Lindsay Wilson has informed me that our Winter Series has
been confirmed.  Thanks Lindsay!  We are holding six events this winter,
two Solo Trials and four SoloII.  It should be a lot of fun!  Winter series
events are for fun only - no points, no trophies, but seat time, learning
and fun.

November 23 - SoloII, Lot 4
December 7  - Solo Trials, the Track at Stapleton
January 11  - SoloII, Lot 4
February 22 - SoloII, Lot 4
March 8     - SoloII, Lot 4
March 22    - Solo Trials, the Track at Stapleton

I'm looking forward to it!  The same basic plan as always, $20 for SCCA
members, $25 non-members(SoloII), although there is talk of starting the
1998 Winter events an hour later.  **This does NOT include the November
23rd/Dec 7 events, which will start at the normal time**

What do you think of starting the Winter events one hour later?  I know I'd
like it, as it is COLD at 7 a.m. on Lot 4.  We typically have a smaller
turnout at winter events, and I think we could get competition runs and
funruns in easily if we pushed things back an hour.  Email me if you would
like to see it one way or another!  My vote is for one hour later(winter
events, not summer).  I can't think of any reason not to for the winter!

Iain Mannix

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