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Re: SVO: Upgrade turbo's

On Sun, 9 Nov 1997, Chris Costanzo wrote:

>         Ok Everyone,
>   I'm trying to put my motor together for the Pinto.  Does anyone have any
> upgrade turbo's laying around they would like to part with, or do I have a
> better chance of catching Polio?

yeah, something like thatr:)

  If not, are there any other cars I can
> snag a turbo from that would outflow the stock one?  I can make a flange
> adapter, so that's not a problem.  I can get Saab 900 turbo's all day long
> practically for free.  Does anyone know what type or flow these are?

Are you talkin about junkyard stuff? Sorry to rain on your parade, but the
only passenger car i know of with a larger compressor than a 2.3 is the
GN, and good luck on gettin one of those froma U Pull It.  And if you do
find a buick 3.8 turbo, it has to be from GN.  The non SEFI cars have the
same compressor as the 2.3.  Then again, even if you do find a GN
comrpessor, its not that much bigger anyhow.  T4 stuff is on Deisel
trucks.  Look in truck yards, but if you dont know what you are lookin
for, you mite as well jus call turbonetics and shell out the 3-400 for the
stuff to build an S trim.
FYI, the Saab turbos stink.  they are puny.  my freind was gonna run one
on his 1.7 L VW truck until he found it would be on the small side....He
has 2 of them if you want ot buy them though:)

> other turbo's that might work.  Remember, VERY tight budget here so a new
> one is out of the question for now.

Alas, finally there is someone here cheaper than me!!!!!:)


-71 Pinto, stock 2.3 turbo, 13.67@98, radials
	Big intercooler ON!
	T4 Compressor soon to be on!
-85.5 Escort, SOLD! 
-85 Merkur, let the modding begin!