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Re: SVO: Possible Clogged Exhaust?

On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, Kenny Baxter wrote:

before you get too into it...stupid questions...
wheres your timing set? spout in or out?
how dirty is your air filter?
only 9 psi?

> Hey Ford Fans!
>      I was talking to my neighbor (who happens to have been a Ford 
> mechanic in the mid to late eighties) about my 86 SVO's bogging problem. 
>  My car runs fine, but when I am accellerating, it really seems to lose 
> power about 2500-3000 rpm.  I've also noticed that I do get plenty of 
> boost, but I can't "feel" any of that boosts power (ie, driving down the 
> freeway, I go to pass a car.  I downshift to 4th, give it some gas, 
> boost comes up to about 9psi, yet there is no real "oomph" in the car).  
> I told him that some of the list members mentioned it could be the TFI 
> or the PIP.  He said that usually--if its one of those things--the car 
> will either run like garbage all the time, or not even run at all.  He 
> said it may be that my exhaust is clogged.  I'm no mechanic, but that 
> possibility actually made sense.  The more I thought about it, the more 
> I thought that may be my problem.  So now I have two questions for all 
> you gurus--
>     1) How can I determine if its the exhaust?
>     2) Do any of you agree with this diagnosis?
>     You guys have helped me a lot in the past (and saved me a lot of 
> money to boot!)--I'm hoping you can help again!
>     Thanks for any help!
>     --Kenny
>       86 SVO (100% stock)


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