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Re: SVO: Upgrade turbo's

T4 stuff is on Deisel trucks.  

        T4's on diesel trucks?  WOO HOO!!!  The garage space I rent for
storage is smack dab in the middle of a Diesel truck scrap yard.  I'll have
to take a look at those monsters.  I already have one turbo from a Mack, but
it is big enough to power a 500ci big block.  Ever see that turbo big block
vette in Turbo magazine?  That's the same turbo I have.  I don't think the
2.3 can produce enough flow to even get it spinning. :)  I'll be checking
out those smaller trucks though.  I already got 2 Detroit Diesel 6-71
blowers off the trucks.  Now it's time to turbo hunt!!

>Alas, finally there is someone here cheaper than me!!!!!:)
        Not cheap,  "Financially challenged"  ;)

                                                        Bug Bug