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SVO: Inclement Weather Driving Safety Tips #2 and #3

Now that "Winter" has set in here in Sunny Southern California -- we now
have our first real rain in several months and I thought I'd share this
additional little tid-bit of safety-related knowledge (somebody contacted
me off-list and reminded me of these other two).

Tip #2 -- Try to have a full tank of gas -- provides extra weight for
traction, and used in conjunction with Tip #1 -- these helps reduce the
potential for having to negotiate a 360-degree turn on an otherwise simple
curve of the road.

And Tip #3 -- Make sure tire pressure is correct and you aren't riding on
Gatorbacks -- or bald tires -- both produce similar effects in the rain.

Again, Trust me, I know (since some of you have asked, this was from an
experience I had years ago).