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Re: SVO: MM&FF- the Tiny Avenger #3 issue

> Umm, U mite want to look again.  I dont know what they were using on the
> stock turbo, but on page 122 with the T4 they clearly have the later
> manifold.  No pipe plug between the 1 and 2 runner.

Actually, I was looking at TA 2.  They put a header on in TA 3, Dean
reminded me.  Hard to read these stuck together pages: ((

> Speakin of which, you were gettin one of those 300 dollar S trims from
> Performance Techniques werent u dave?  How'd it go?

Money ran out :(  I thought it was $400 anyway?

I bought the BIG Spearco intercooler used last week.  Gonna try that out as
soon as I get the remaining parts.

> Im gonna do a step by step, and I mean STEP BY STEP mod/test process on
> Merkur.  One part at a time.  

> thats what I expect to accomplish by new years at the latest..

Good Luck!  I know most of what I had hoped to accomplish this year is now
prolly gonna be late spring before it's on the "DUN" list.


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