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Re: SVO: MM&FF- the Tiny Avenger #3 issue

On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, Dave Compton wrote:

> > Umm, U mite want to look again.  I dont know what they were using on the
> > stock turbo, but on page 122 with the T4 they clearly have the later
> > manifold.  No pipe plug between the 1 and 2 runner.
> Actually, I was looking at TA 2.  They put a header on in TA 3, Dean
> reminded me.  Hard to read these stuck together pages: ((
Thats why  that test is such bullshit.  They change stuff like that and
dont say anyhting.  I thought they put the late model exhaust man on way
back in part one.  
The free parts they change they dont say, or they change 10 things at a
time and attribute the power addittion to one part.  I like how the owner
of the TA is opening his own business with the knowledge aquired from the
test.  he has what, one combination? wow, hes an expert too.
O yeah, and no body mentioned this, but I like how they did a 'intercooled
vs non-intercooled' test.  Yeah, lets see what happens when u run a speed
density variant compter that is expecting a airflow of one number and is
getting an airflow much less than that, when it already runs a extremely
fat fuel table. Hmmm, it runs rich with an intercooler, what do they think
it will be like without? Duh...
And does anyone know how they are ruinning those big injectors? Adjustable
FPR?  or they have a chip or what?
Seems like a stock EEC with only a FPR with 52's would be really really
fat down low.

> > Speakin of which, you were gettin one of those 300 dollar S trims from
> > Performance Techniques werent u dave?  How'd it go?
> Money ran out :(  I thought it was $400 anyway?
O i dunno....I was not that interested anyway cuz my local shop treats me
real good anyhow.

> I bought the BIG Spearco intercooler used last week.  Gonna try that out as
> soon as I get the remaining parts.
How big?

> > Im gonna do a step by step, and I mean STEP BY STEP mod/test process on
> my
> > Merkur.  One part at a time.  
> > thats what I expect to accomplish by new years at the latest..
> Good Luck!  I know most of what I had hoped to accomplish this year is now
> prolly gonna be late spring before it's on the "DUN" list.

This step[ by step stuff is PAINFUL too! Lemme give you an idea how open I
want to be here.  I had to rebuild the turbo.  I have 3 late model hi flow
exhaust manifolds.  I left the low flow one on there jus so I could see
the difference on a time slip.

> CU
> Dave
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