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SVO: 2.3 mods to be tested

Well, if you havent read yet, I sold my Escort, and the merk is now legal.
The car is a 85, 5 speed, stock in every way except the cat is gone and
the egr pipe is off.  If you think Iam puttin a cat on it to compare that
your nutz:) Be forgiving here guys, I am doin my test ona 1/4 mile, but I
am consistant. I drove my Escort for 15 passes all within .05 seconds with
the same variance in MPH.

Anyhow. I am goin to the track on Tuesday(thats tomorrow!) to get a
baseline.  Ric, wanna go?  While I am there I will get a before and after
test on stock vs more boost.  I have the bleed off at 18psi now, but will
disable it for the baseline.  I may pull the filter out of the airbox for
sh*ts and grins too.
Then, hopefully on wednesday, I will pull the turbo and manifold off, and
replace my old 85 issue exhaust manifold with a later model.  I may also
hook up my filter I got for the pinto, in a cold air induction sort of
If I get those done, I may get back to the track by Friday.
In additon, things I would like to check out are a few cams, specifically
the Engle 55 and 65.  I would test the rollers, but I hear they suck
anyhow, and I am not blowing money on parts I doubt will work.  if someone
wants to donate a specific roller, thats the only way its gettin tested.  
Also, I plan to do a full 3" madrel exhuast, intercooler, things like
running shortbelts at the track to see what accessories do to power, etc.
Lastly, if there is something people think I should test, let me know and
if I can get it I will, but if I cant afford it, Im not objecting to ppl
helping out:)  Im not making a penny off this in any way, so I am not
going to run myself into the poorhouse cuz 10 ppl are tryintyo get me to
buy a 400 dollar cam.  if you have parts lyin around and want ot send em
my way, go for it, I'll apreciate it and let everyone knwo whow they
perform against others.
I want this to be a publically available test, that has reasonable
scientific backing, and is not clouded by dollars.
Lastly, i heard those Merkur trannys stink, but this is
rediculous.,...mine is already popping out of 2nd and 3rd when I coast!!!


-71 Pinto, stock 2.3 turbo, 13.67@98, radials
	Big intercooler ON!
	T4 Compressor soon to be on!
-85.5 Escort, SOLD! 
-85 Merkur, let the modding begin!