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SVO: Reader's Letters

"Save yourself the hassle and just buy a 5.0"??? That's all you have 
to say about the Mustang SVO?? Those of us who have them love them, 
and I in particular like it because I don't have to parade around in a 
5.0 like every other mama's boy and recent high school graduate who's 
parents just bought them a new car. The SVO is better all-around - 
looks, performance, value, and owner satisfaction - and all you have 
to say is buy a 5.0??  Well, at least you didn't totally insult us 
owners by suggesting we buy an even-wimpier 4.6 (yek)...
No wonder we don't subscribe to your magazine...Maybe you should come 
down to Texas and let me take you for a spin in ours and let you see 
what a REAL car feels like.
Michelle Buzek
Houston, Texas