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Re: SVO: Mike Ferrara and Turbo Magazine

>	There was a recent flap here on the list regarding
>Mike Ferrara and his comments/whining about Joe's Pinto.
>I just wanted to let you know that the email address for
>the magazine is turbo@turbomagazine.com.  No wonder we got
>it confused with <same thing>@turbocharged.com...

    The latest issue has something about Joe too.  In the front of the
magazine, there is an editorial about the "Quick 8" competition.  However,
they don't say his name.  They just refer to him as "That Pinto".  They
apparently are trying to drive him out of the competion because he is RWD.
They want to classify him with the rear drive rotaries only.  Gee, that's
fair.  They want to make the Quick 8 for front drive Honda's only.
Shouldn't that make it the "Quick 8 Honda's".  The class is supposed to be
open to all imports.  The Pinto classifies because either it, or it's
engine, were built in Brazil.  Just wait till I get mine going so I can join
in the Honda hunt.
                                                Bug Bug