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Re: SVO: Mike Ferrara and Turbo Magazine

Chris Costanzo wrote:

>     The latest issue has something about Joe too.  In the front of the
> magazine, there is an editorial about the "Quick 8" competition.  However,
> they don't say his name.  They just refer to him as "That Pinto".  They
> apparently are trying to drive him out of the competion because he is RWD.
> They want to classify him with the rear drive rotaries only.

Yeah, I see their other idea was to allow one power adder only, as in
turbo OR nitrous, but not both.  Anyone willing to spend half of what
some of those Honda guys are spending could easily kick their butt's
without the nitrous.  Joe could go significantly quicker if he were
to spend some serious bucks, I would think.  Another idea of theirs
was to require the RWDs to weigh at least 2700 lbs.  I don't think
that'll gain them as much as they're thinking ;-).