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SVO: Re: Merkur in Daves Dyno Test

> I was just looking at your page with Chris's Merkur on it. Is he a list
> member or a freind?  
> One of the things Iwould like to know is why he put on a VW Scirocco
> intercooler.  I had one on the Pinto, and I guess it works in the full
> flow environment of a open grille car, but why? its alot smaller than a
> stock radiator.  Need room for something? It worth it if I have one lying
> around?
> Does it have something to do with fitting that SC intercooler?

Merkur list member/friend.

needed to make room for the Super Coupe IC, which is DIRECTLY behind the
Cossie grille opening.

Engineering student ya know...

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