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Re: SVO: RE: Re: Related Driving light question

In a message dated 97-11-10 12:51:18 EST, you write:

<< Wrong, I owned a 89 5.0 (and have worked on several) and only the 
 inside marker flashed.  My 85 SVO uses the outside marker to blink 
 and my 86 SVO uses the inside.  I have noticed the the outside 
 markers are very bright, but I think the guy before me installed the 
 wrong bulbs.
 >... but I do know that when the regular mustangs got the aero
 > lights ('87??), this was standard.  
 Chris Roth
 98 Black Contour SVT
 85 Bright Red SVO
 86 Silver Metallic SVO
 http://holly.colostate.edu/~caroth >>

                 My '87 LX turbo 4-pot conversion car has the inside lights
blink for the turn signals. Those are the only two that do that. It did this
fresh from the factory too.

'87 LX Sporting an '88 Turbo 4
'95 GTS