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Re: The Best SVO?, is "the finest turn key example I can afford at the time".

Joe Morgan once call me the "Buy and Sell guru" of the SVO world.  So I'm
a quick thought process on the most sought after SVO.  For me, it has always
85.5's.  As I feel, you don't need to lose money on a car.  Low production
better spec's and "bang for the buck" drive my wants.   (My '93 SHO didn't
fall into that category)
Someone else may "settle" for an other car, with needs of a "daily driver" or
"lack of storage" influencing purchase.  Even acting in haste limits our
to own the "holy grail" of SVO's.   Car collecting lately has changed from "1
of 439" (in the case of the 85.5) to the need to document individuality for
Singular DSO cars, Comp Prep cars(unaltered, I should state) and
will drive the market in 10 years just as that does now with say a Boss 302.
With that parallels can be drawn, the most collectable may be,
	Cars with race history (winning, sorted & "not junk")
 	Prototypes (documented, well documented)
	No mileage/unregistered (I once lost money on a CosworthVega with 512miles)
	Unrestored original (unaltered and with ONLY Ford service parts)
	Rarities (color combos, DSO optioned, Delete options)
History will repeat itself.  People that are spending 1000's of dollars to
replacement exhaust manifolds for Boss 302's in restoration aren't likely to 
do that too often.  They have learned that lesson.  I have just about given
up on 
restoration projects.  You will go broke, lose you wife or both.  I'm
starting to feel the same way on "race car projects" ( I'm in $3500 on the
front suspention).
As a stable increases, another car for me must be "the finest turn key
example I can afford at the time".
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