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Re: SVO: Mike Ferrara and Turbo Magazine

>  The class is supposed to be
> open to all imports.  The Pinto classifies because either it, or it's
> engine, were built in Brazil. 

<soap box mode on>
I do side partially with Turbo on being a bit snooty in regards to Turbo
Joe and his "import." Although the Honda guys are pretty dumb for trying
to make a FWD car break the laws of physics and accelerate them faster
with less traction. DUH.  FWD cars are CRAP in EVERY CONDITION compared
to a proper RWD or AWD vehicle.  

The fact the Joe's engine was built in South America, it's still a US
Ford motor as much as some of the current Jap cars are built in the US
and are still imports. 

I think the answer to shut up all the crybabies in the Turbo mag world
is to whoop them with a Merkur which there can be no quarreling over
import status as is Was built in West Germany, Designed all over Europe,
and driven by a "Brazilian" engine. I'd love to see a Merkur with a
racing budget as high as some of the other import racers are spending,
but using some sound engineering principles and lay some big rubber for
the others to follow.

<soap box off>

May the boost be with you,


Anyone have a pile of cash for me to race my XR4Ti with?