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Re: SVO: RE: 16 valve head

In a message dated 97-11-11 00:37:00 EST, Rcl@dms2.com writes:

 Just want to ask.  I met a couple of guys at Atlanta some years ago, one
being Lee and another was a guy who told stories about his nitrous'd 85 GT
with temp tags racing the local hommies.  Would that have been you?
I too was at Atlanta back then as was Lee Clary. I dont remember anyone from
around our area(being Maryland) who had a nitroused 85 GT though. Maybe Eric
Weber knows of this guy if he is from around here,Eric?? I think at that time
I had my 85 Cobra(canadian) but it was not tagged nor finished yet. I do
happen to have (somewhere) pictures of Lee in his Evolution 2.3 on track at
Atlanta. I will dig them up and make some copies, maybe Dave wants them for
his web page( I need to get copies to Lee anyway).

Red 86 SVO
87 Mark VII LSC(under reconstruction thanks to punk kids from ohio who
vandalized it)
88 5.0 LX (vortech supercharged)
84 GT conv.
79 GT conv.(total custom piece with a 429 and a C-4-looks like an 88 GT
conv.)(used to be a hatchback;-))
65 Mustang Fastback (still restomodding-351W,4spd, 4 wheel disc shelby
83 GT (for parts)
85 T-bird Turbo coupe (might keep it, might sell it)

Too many cars, too little time and money-whats a guy to do!
I am starting a self help group "Car collectors Anonymous" if anyone wants to