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Re: Best SVO?

I would have to agree with that statement, I have a couple of 5 liter
mustangs and cant stand the all too common attitude that most 5.0 owners
have. Most are quite young paying 3 to 4 grand a year for insurance and think
they are the fastest thing since Crisco greased snow pans. I have ticked off
my share of these kids with both my SVO and my LSC( I can pull a 1-2 car
length holeshot on just about any kid in a 5.0 with my lincoln and just love
that pissed off look they have) I really irritated a guy in Leesburg VA last
year with a black 93 cobra, 4 lights in a row I pulled a car and a half on
him before he got traction and passed me. By the 4th light he wouldn't even
look over at me :-] .  The typical attitude we see is from the kids that were
handed the car by Mom and Dad(talk about giving a kid a loaded gun). A freind
of mine has a shop and one day a kid came buy to pick up his 96 Mystic cobra
that just had a vortech installed, He is 19 and Mommy came along to pay for
it!! This is what I hate, Get a job kid and pay for it yourself! I am getting
off the soap box now(Eric is right, you get dizzy up here).

red 86 (sitting in the fleet)