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Chris Roth wrote:
> Carl,
> > I started thinking about a traction control system
> > setup for dragracing a few years back, but never thought about
> > it again because I assumes there was no such thing as ABS hardware
> > that would easily fit on our cars...
> I think this would be a neat thing to try to work out.  I do not have
> the electrical skill needed to convert the ABS to Traction Control.
> Sounds like a project to work on over the winter.  I know of a TC
> rear with 3.55 gears I have been dying to get to put in the 85.
> Maybe we can start from there.

There are several problems, though.  I was just spouting pie-in-the
sky crap, because here's what you'll need:

	Toothed rings and sensors on all four wheels.
	Stand alone microprocessor system that can read
		the output from the wheel sensors and then
		send signal out to control a wastegate.
	Electrically controlled wastegate, whether that means
		using air valves to control a traditional
		wastegate actuator system, or converting to
		some sort of solenoid that actuates the wastegate

Moving to an electrically actuated wastegate would be the way to go,
but you'd have to sheild the actuator from the heat, so it would still
have to be mounted in a cooler place, and then use a rod to turn the
wastegate.  It would then be easy to build a really great boost
into the system, too.  You'd have already done all the hard work, the
rest is just software ;-).

This sort of thing is doable, but way more effort than it would be worth
unless there was the potential for making big bucks off of it.

I think using the same type of hardware, but controlling the clutch
instead would be more productive, for drag racing at least.