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Re: SVO: Possible Clogged Exhaust?


   Would you happen to have the URL for Classic Corral's webpage?  I can't seem to 
find it--even when using a search tool.  I think I'll order there 3" downpipe!  Also, 
they have a strut-tower brace I am considering.  But I need to know if I will be able 
to use my intercooler with it.  Know anything about it?  Lastly (sorry for all my 
questions!), where is your TC intercooler located?  Was it tough to install?
   Again, thanks for ALL your help!!!
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> Kenny,
> >    I appreciate you responding so quickly!  Thanks!  Do you know where I 
> > can get a 3" downpipe for cheap?  I've seen them for about $130 bucks, 
> > but isn't it just a piece of bent 3" pipe?  
> You are correct, the $130 3" downpipe is a MANDREL bend piece from 
> Classic Corral and does not have a Cat.  I think the key part is to 
> get the top part of the downpipe fabricated correctly.  The Turbo 
> outlet is 2.5" and then the pipes are blended to 3".  The Classic 
> Corral piece a very high quality piece in this respect.  I guess you 
> could buy a 3" Cat from Summit or Jegs and have it adapter to the 
> pipe, but then you are probably in the $350 range.
> >Can a muffler shop make one  for cheap?  I had the dual exhaust for 
> >my 65 Stang done for less than $130--and its completely custom.  
> >Help?!
> I had a muffler shop make my wife's 3" system but the whole system 
> was $800, ouch, but it was totally worth it, I gained 8mph in the 
> quarter.  Most muffler shops around here do not have the ability to 
> bend 3" tubing plus most of them use the crimp benders which are crap 
> and prone to rust.
> >    Thanks again for your words of wisdom
> Good luck in what ever you decide. Remember, exhaust was one of the 
> best upgrades for a Turbo car.  Stock my 86 ran a 15.8@79mph. The 
> only upgrades to my 86 SVO are 3"-dual2.5" exhaust, TurboCoupe 
> Intercooler, K&N cone filter and 17psi and the car runs 
> 14.4@91mph. Another gut on this list Rich Stark is a great welder and 
> would probably be willing to we the sucker (Cat) up, but you could 
> probably have that done there just as easy.
> >    ps.  How do you like the Contour SVT?!
> So far the SVT Contour is great. I am still waiting to get the 
> 1000 miles on the car before I really see what it can do.  It is 
> actually the wife's car, but I get to drive in occasion.  When I have 
> the 1000 miles and the motor changed to synthetic fluids, I will do a 
> review on the list for everyone's knowledge. 
> Chris Roth
> 98 Black Contour SVT
> 85 Bright Red SVO
> 86 Silver Metallic SVO
> http://holly.colostate.edu/~caroth