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Re: SVO: rear ends

RacerX269@aol.com wrote:
> does anyone road race, or autocross their svo with the stock 7.5 rear end, if
> not what is the easiest way to get an 8.8 under my car.  i know the axles are
> different but is anythiing else different. possibly from an 87-88 t.c. what
> dou you think????
> thanks alot,
> racerx269@aol.com
> Matt McDougall
> 84 SVO slightly modified
> waiting to become a road race terror....

Theres a new traction lok system that replace the clutches in these
rearends.  That's what I've run in my SVO for the last year.  I road
race it, hard.  They are now sold through Summit Racing.  They run about
$320 and are a must for those that don't want to replace the rearend
clutches every year.  A must for anyone who is hard on the rearend.