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Re: Wheels

Chris Roth wrote:

> I do not think he would even drive a foreign car.  He only deals in
> Camaros, Vetts and Msutangs.  Several places in Denver should have the
> wheels but I am sure they are pricy.  There is a Junkyard between Commerce
> City and Greeley on I-76 (GB Auto Wrecking) that has parts at a cheap
> price.  They might have the wheels cheaper than anywhere else.

Hmmm...OK.  Maybe I'll have to call a few places like that.  I wonder
if there's any chance of the Erie place by the track having them?

> I would look at the Blizzaks or the Copper Wintermasters for snow tires.
> It has always been my experience that a good snow/ice tire is VERY well
> siped.  Look for the most sipes for winter tires.

Yeah, I'll probably get Blizzaks.  I could easily get a set already
mounted and balanced on steel wheels from the Tire Rack, but I'd
really rather have the factory alloys.

> By the way, the Contour has GS-Cs on the car and it actually does pretty
> well in the snow.

It ought to, I assume you have the traction control.  My mom's Mystique
does, and it's great in snow, both with the stock GT+4s and now Dunlop
D60s.  I imagine you give up a little with the GSCs.  So do you guys know
what you're doing with your lives yet? ;-)