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Re: SVO: rear ends

One thing to keep in mind when modifying your car, what class do you want to
race in?  I autocross my 84 SVO in F Stock.  Every little change may or may
not put you in a different class.  If you want to run in Stock, you will want
to keep the car just that, stock.  In ESP, street prepared, you can do some
suspension mods and air cleaner changes.  I am not sure what will put you in
CP, prepared.  If you start playing with the turbo boost, be prepared to go
in to modified.  You might want to get a rule book and change the things that
you can.  I am not up on the Road Racing, Solo I, rules but I am sure they
are somewhat similiar.

If you just want to have fun and not worry about class, go for the all the