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Re: SVO: rear ends

The point is, if you change the boost, you are cheating, whether you 
get caught or not. 
In ESP, intercoolers are free; this is perhaps the highest leverage  
point for SVOs; unfortunately, it may still be hard to keep up with 
well prepared 300hp CamaroBirds. 
If you want to do something really productive, send a letter to the SEB 
in favor of a reclassification to back to GS where we belong.   
There a well-driven SVO might be competitive with the 200hp V6 camaros  
and the MX6s. Be sure to ask for the Conquest/Starions to come back too; 
you will sound fairer and more balanced. 

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RaceSVO@aol.com wrote:
> If you start playing with the turbo boost, be prepared to go
> in to modified.

I've wondered about this, how would they know if you just drilled
out the tee a little bit and kept everything looking exactly stock.
Would they actually check the bore size of the tee orifices?  Also,
if you had put the Engle cam in, how would they know?  Or is the
answer that they don't, but they'll make you do a complete tear
town and inspection if someone protests you?  I still don't see
that catching the tee trick...but it would catch the cam change...


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