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Re: SVO: rear ends, really FS, solo2, boost and cheating

>Don't want to start anything here but...  Cheating is practically an
>part of racing, at least to the guys building the cars.  It's only frowned  
>upon when you get caught.  And if you don't do something to stay
>what's the point? 
I'd like to think that Solo2 was more sporting than this attitude would 
suggest.  It also explains why the SCCA *hates* turbos, because this sort 
of cheating is easy to do and hard to detect.   
If it takes cheating "to stay competitive", then you aren't. 
Let me put it this way.  It's hard to reconcile the attitude of "we can  
cheat with our boost control until we're caught" with "please put us 
back in the V6 class so we won't get embarrased by all those V8s, we are 
just little 4-bangers." 
Since I *want* to be in GS, competing fairly and in stock, I feel pretty 
obliged to annoyed by those who flout attitudes that might prevent 
that from happening.