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Re: SVO: rear ends

In a local event I am sure there would be no one protesting.  At a Divisional
or National level, you could get protested and yes they would require a
teardown.  For boost level, they could hook up a seperate gauge to measure
boost and determine if you are out of "stock" range.......

Carl_Morris@StorTek.Com wrote

I've wondered about this, how would they know if you just drilled
out the tee a little bit and kept everything looking exactly stock.
Would they actually check the bore size of the tee orifices?  Also,
if you had put the Engle cam in, how would they know?  Or is the
answer that they don't, but they'll make you do a complete tear
town and inspection if someone protests you?  I still don't see
that catching the tee trick...but it would catch the cam change...