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Re: Best SVO?

DAve wrote:

> What is the best overall or most highly coveted SVO to get?   It appears
> it'd be the 85.5.


This is a tricky question. In the name of highly sought after SVOs that
is, cause I believe all SVOs are rare & desirable.

But...to break it down by options and say "which of all the SVOs" is the
most desirable---the rarest...that would fall on 'the eye of the

This depends on what you're wanting it for..a driver, a racer, a
collector, or a combination of 2 or all 3.

In the collector status..let's put on the option list. Then it would
fall upon which 'one' SVO was there the fewest made....

an 85 1/2 Dark Sage?
an 85 1/2 Dark Sage with both leather & sunroof...AND bi-wing delete?
an 86 Dark Shadow Blue 'Comp Prep' with bi-wing delete?
an 86 Dark Sage 'Comp Prep' with bi-wing delete?

I know one guy in particular...his favorite is an 86 Jalapeno Red with
leather & sunroof. He's tried to get me to sell my 86 to him on several
occasions. This isn't the rarest...just his favorite...I have to
admit..I like the color too...but I then again, I like all SVOs..year,
color, & options has nothing to do with it.

I also have the 85 Dark Sage Hertz SVO...if you haven't seen the color,
let me tell you...it's ugly. 'Army O/D Green' is what people call it.
But, I liked it because of it's rare and unusal....but I get more
compliments on the Jalapeno Red 86'.

Find an SVO that suits your needs or wants. Every SVO is unique, just as
it takes an unique person to own one.

Bud Morton
86 SVO 2R
85 SVO 4E