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RE: SVO: rear ends, really FS, solo2, boost and cheating

Just go to C-prepared and you can run as much boost as you heart
desires! It's a lot of fun to spank those V-8 boys. " Gee whiz, it's
sure a shame they put you in our class". I spanked the owner of that
comment, he went home early!

 I've seen SVO's run competatively in FS. I know there is still another
.5 - 1 second in my lack of driving ability and I still beat almost all
of the V-8 crowd with a stock motor. (running 15psi boost)

Get out there and have some fun! Although its alot more fun to take that
plaque or coffee mug home.

Mike Guard
Cincy region SCCA CP champ

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> Subject: 	Re: SVO:  rear ends, really FS, solo2, boost and
> cheating
> Holy Cow, here goes the whole flaming thing that set Joe on his way
> from
> the list.
> >If it takes cheating "to stay competitive", then you aren't. 
> > 
> >Let me put it this way.  It's hard to reconcile the attitude of "we
> can  
> >cheat with our boost control until we're caught" with "please put us 
> >back in the V6 class so we won't get embarrased by all those V8s, we
> are 
> >just little 4-bangers." 
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