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Ultimate SVO

All Good points expressed on this subject!
Here`s my .02 worth:

I believe that the 85 1/2 is the best overall
svo. Bought one brand new! payed $13,800
drove for several months with 4 sale sign
price $16,000. Being a Marketing student 
in every sense I wanted to see who & for what 
reasons ppl were attracted to my car.

The Majority of the ppl were interested
in the fact that there were only 439 made.
Most were RARE CAR fans. & not just rare
but fastest & just diff enough to set it apart
from other year svo`s.

I sold the car almost 2 years old (24 k mi.)
for 13,500 ($300 less than sticker!) To a guy 
who was looking for a black 85 1/2 Only. 
Try that with other year svo`s.

There were many big (& small>not discussed) upgrades made in 85 1/2
making it IMO the Ultimate year SVO   

Remember There`s much to be said for
rarety when you spend gobs of $$ restoring
an svo & try to recoup when horse trading

ALSO: There are several ppl from all over the country who want the 85
1/2 I currently have for sale. The serious svo` er wouldn`t fly 3000
for other year svo`s.                

Just my opinion...
Own 86 Comp. Prep. & 
85 1/2 SVO.