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SVO: Dash Warning Light??


	I just got my Turbocoupe intercooler on my 86 svo (I should say 
that it now stays on without blowing off the hoses at full boost).  Now 
at full throttle, 5000rpms, the very bottom instrument panel "dummy" light 
comes on and I hear a chime (kinda like the seat belt reminder when you 
first start the engine) from the glovebox area.  It only lasts for a half 
second or so until I shift, but will happen in all gears.

	It appears to say "O'BOOST E.G.O.".  What does this stand for?  
What does this mean in terms of problems/malfunctions?  What is the fix?

	Also, I recently acquired a leak in my gas tank (right at the 
seam...I don't think JB weld is gonna fix this one).  Will the tank from 
any pre-94 EFI mustang work?  Anything need to be moved over?

85 & 86 SVO