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Recently a fellow List member asked:
>  I remember months ago we talked about trading injectors, but I know you
>bought some from Dave, I was just wondering what you thought about those
>42#'s? Do you still have them? I noticed the (626) area code - Pasadena?
> Talk to you later.
My experience gives this answer:

The reason I had #42 injectors is that I was going to upgrade my computer
and injectors during an engine rebuild.  By the time I got to finishing my
rebuild (a two year project), I changed my mind on the computer upgrade.
This means I was running injectors too big for my computer to calculate
for.  The net effect was the car ran too rich and had sluggish responce.
I'm also told that this was probably coating my cylinders with gasoline
soaked oil, which could cause poor engine protection, etc.

Long and short is: if you don't have the proper computer to back these
injectors up, it will do you no good at all... all negatives.

86 SVO