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Re: SVO: ATR and ETS exhaust

>Along the lines of what Paul is talking about,  the Dynomax Turbo tube
>exhaust is only like $130 for both sides with mufflers!!!  You would have
>to have a Y-pipe made and turbo tubes are LOUD, but hey this is CHEAP!

        You ain't lyin'.  I have Turbo tube duals on my T-coupe with a 3" no
cat downpipe.  It sounds "poppy" at idle, but then gets LOUD when you get on
it.  However, it really doesn't get louder as the RPM go up.  It changes
tune, but not really volume.  Right from 2500 on up it is just plain loud.
King of like 2 chamber Flowmasters, but with a more "coffee can muffler"
sound.  But hey, for the price you can't beat it, and boy does it flow.
                                                        Bug Bug