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SVO: hard shifting?

OK all, allow me to be a hypocrite and ask for advise BEFORE I actually
crawl under my car to look around. Not something I normally do but I'm
pulling double shifts this week and time is not plentiful.

Problem: My car, while both warm and cold, is not going into gear every
time unless I kill the motor (1st gear) or adjust RPMs to ease shifting.
It started not going into gear in the city after several hours of
driving in the rain. With the clutch all the way in, the car started
pulling forward alittle. It did this for 30 min of city driving and went
away. Well, it's been consistent for the last few days now. I thought it
was the bearing or the pressure plate not releasing the clutch. However,
the petal feels fine. Do I have a bad tranny or could it still be
external (ie pressure plate, linkage). When it does it, it's not like my
(German)Capri's prob of not liking 1st and 2nd. It simply won't go into
anything unless you power shift or turn off the motor.

Of course, tomorrow, I'll crawl under and check the fluid level in the

Thanks all, Mike