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Yea, but I haven't got around to doing it yet.  Mount the valve right to the intercooler housing.  You'll have to drill a hole in it but hey, it's not the stock piece anyway.  You'll also need a valve with a flat base.

I had the same problem with the hoses blowing.  Finially I bought some thick rubber hoses (designed for industrial use or something) and used 2 clamps.  Now it holds so well sometimes I can't get the IC off without a fight.  The best part was the hoses were something like $10 each.

What kind of pump did you buy?  I used an external T-Rex pump and I'm sure it's doing it's job but what a noise maker.  Wrapped in in pipe insulation, used rubber pads for the base, even isolated the nuts and bolts on both ends with rubber bushings and you still hear it.

Ron L.
85.5 SVO